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The espresso Bar is located on lakeside shopping centre right next to the Victoria point Library.
We provide Top quality Food With Top Quality service.

Our food is a combination of best quality with that “home made” vibe that you cant find anywhere else. The Espresso bars offers a variety of food options, including breakfast & Lunch menu. Here at the Espresso Bar we also have many chef’s special’s which can range from everyone’s favourite pumpkin soup, to the succulent lamb Shank. With a passion for great Food coupled with excellence in Hospitality, the Espresso bar Delivers good service right at Home in the Redlands.

Coffee is the basic start to any normal day. Here at Espresso Bar, we understand that the perfect coffee in the morning means the perfect Kick off to the day. Our coffee Connoisseurs, Armed with the famous Toby Estate brand Coffee, are ready to deliver your specific coffee needs and requests.

At the Espresso bar, we encourage a family friendly environment. Our friendly staff are apart of our community. With a Window connecting our kitchen to the library, we are able to cater to those who know a lovely coffee and a Good back go hand in hand. With our central Location within Lakeside, with an open view, we offer the perfect place to meet Old friends, new friends and even all your business needs. With our spacious dining area, we invite you to come and enjoy our family friendly, home made cuisine experience. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED

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